taste of hiddles

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Oh Adam. How I love you and your apparent allergy to shirts.

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god bless tom hiddleston

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This will reach a million posts before I stop reblogging EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Thank God for that white shirt

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Chris/Tom: Clover Honey and Copper by hannibalisms, 

This was not what Chris thought his life was going to turn in to; he thought maybe that coming to London from Melbourne would allow him to pursue his dream of acting, but it only went south. He found a few bit parts, just enough to pay the bills, but with so many others in the city it became something of an effort in futility. He’s either too built or not built enough, or his accent doesn’t fit the part - and an accent coach is far too expensive, even after he takes the job waiting tables at the gourmet burger place near his flat.

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50 pictures of Tom Hiddleston → 33/50 (Source)

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Can we please have a long-lost-siblings arc when the Guardians meet up with the Avengers?

thank you

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