taste of hiddles

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when they mess up your order but end up giving you extra food for free


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he acted out
now i can see it is my fault

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working on a new production co logo :)

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do you remember that time tom wouldn’t shut up about boners because i do

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Adam is so deelpy flawed, and depressive, and melancholic. But Eve just loves it, loves his commitment to it. We were trying to make a film about acceptance. And true love is an acceptance of someone else for who they are.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Mayhem commences in 5…4…3…

And the way he moves his dagger to his right hand…

Okay. I need help.

But look at his eyes. They way he calculates, almost instantly, the movements he’s gonna need, the timing, everything. He’s amazing with strategy, an astounding tactician, always seeing seven steps ahead. We know that, from the lovely analyses that have popped up on this site.

He counts the Dark Elves, maps out their possible movements, and switches his dagger to his right hand. Because he knows.

And it’s sexy as fuck.   

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