taste of hiddles

Your breath hitches as he closes the gap between you. You sigh his name just before his mouth claims yours, a deep, passionate kiss that kindles the fire in your core. His hands cup your ass, long fingers stretched out to grab as much as he can as he pulls your hips toward his. You feel his hardness, and the mere thought of him being turned on nearly breaks you, a wave of arousal crashing through your body. He is grinding against you, silently pleading for more contact as his tongue dances with yours. Hot and slick. His breath washes over you as he moans when you lift one leg high on his hip, and he brushes against your heat.

"God I want you," he says in a breathless whisper. He swallows hard and moves against you instinctually when you lick beneath his ear and bite him gently.

"I have to leave for work," you say, teasing his resolve with another bite on his ear. "You shouldn’t start things if you can’t finish."

He braids his fingers in your hair, making a fist and pulling it tight at the roots. You’re surprised by the moan that escapes as he tilts your head back, exposing your neck to him.

"Who said I wasn’t going to finish?"

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    I will marvel at the guy who can seriously tease me like this. But oh my dear heavens, this left me hot and bothered.
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