taste of hiddles

"Jesus…" he drawled, tipping his shades down so that he could peer over the top for a better view. I held in my laughter and straightened up, perking my chest and adding extra curve to the dip above my ass.

"You like?" I asked, doing a little spin for him. The bottom of my sundress flitted out and came to a rest, swirling around my thighs in delicate waves of white eyelet linen. I waited while Tom folded his glasses and finished gawking. He hooked them on the front of his waistcoat and smiled.

“‘Like’ is an understatement.” He took my hand and spun me half way again, coming up behind me to tangle our arms together around the front of my waist. “I almost don’t want to let you out of the house like this. I’ll be beating off half of London.”

My face scrunched up and I couldn’t stop the sputtering giggle that burst forth. “I don’t think you could have made that sound dirtier if you tried.”

Tom dropped his forehead onto my shoulder and I felt him shake. “Ehh…that’s not what I meant,” he said, grinning madly. “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

"Baby, my career depends on my mind swimming constantly in the curbside puddles," I replied. "You’re not any better." I turned in his arms and jabbed at his ribs until he jumped back, guarding himself.

"Watch out now, missy, or you will see how honest I am about keeping you indoors." A sly grin settled on his face and I felt a surge of adrenaline when he crouched just slightly and tossed the sunglasses onto a nearby table. I held up a hand and warned him to stay away, but it was too late. His arms scooped me up before I could gain purchase to run on the tiled floor. Damn stilettos.

I yelped when the room began to tilt and we crashed onto the couch. I struggled underneath him, fighting half-heartedly and rubbing my legs against his, but his weight kept me pinned to the cushions.

"You’re in trouble, madame," Tom crooned, his lips finding their way to my chin and down the curve of my throat. His beard scratched lightly against my skin, a sharp contrast to his warm, soft, mouth. I wanted so badly to push my fingers into his beautiful curled hair, settling instead for loosening the knot on his tie as he came back up to claim my lips. He moaned deep in his chest when I canted my hips upward, brushing against the slight hardness between his legs.

I made my way past the buttons of his dress shirt, running over the rise and fall of his collar bones. I took his bottom lip in my teeth and bit softly, bringing forth another quiet moan.

"We need to stop," he mumbled against my cheek as he kissed a path toward my ear. I whined and hooked one leg around his waist, digging the back of my heel into his ass, pulling him closer. He took a deep breath through his nose, and closed his eyes slowly. "Really, darling, please."

"You were the one that started this," I teased, trailing one fingertip down the straight bridge of his nose and tapping it once on his lips. He caught my wrist with one hand and took my finger into his mouth. My eyes rolled back as he flicked his tongue over it, sucking gently then letting it go with a wet smack. "Not helping," I whispered helplessly.

"Sorry," he said, and turned my palm over to kiss the inside of my wrist. I watched him move down to the crook of my elbow, then travel up to the cap of my shoulder before he carefully slid the strap of my dress out of the way and kissed right where it had rested. His hips were pushing firmly against mine, the stiffness of his arousal very evident now through the thin layers of cloth that separated us.

"I thought we needed to stop," I said, absentminded and dizzy.

"I thought you wanted to continue."

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