taste of hiddles

Wow, I’ve lost like 30 followers in two days…. Guess they weren’t prepared for all the sexy. This is how I imagine people reacting to my blog when they start clicking through the pages and reading posts:

Aaaaannnnd this is me:

  1. inthemiddlewithhiddles said: more like reading your posts and getting ridiculously turned on
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  3. deviouswriter said: Ahahaha, awwww… I dunno. I mean, I thought it was kinda obvious from the start. >____> Maybe they just weren’t exploring your blog enough? But I ain’t gonna leave ya though, gurl. ;D
  4. ask-the-odd-couple-from-asgard said: LOOOL that happened to me like 2 weeks ago xD People r cray and yur just too fabulous bby
  5. bolo4hagatha said: MOAR SEXIII! PLEASE!!!!
  6. myownwoonderland said: That’s really too much! :( But don’t worry! The followers who didn’t do that, love you! I’m sure…. cause I’m one! :)
  7. everything-the-heart-desires said: They must be CRAZY to stop following you!!! You, my dear, have the best blog on Tumblr. No joke. haha
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  9. lokisfairmaiden said: There can never be enough sexy for me, though! Bring it on!
  10. hiddleswiggles said: LOl you silly. I still love you XD
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  12. hungryhungryhiddles said: that’s alot of followers, I’m sorry love. I still love your blog!
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