taste of hiddles
Anonymous: Would you like it if Hiddleston read your blog? Or would you feel embarrassed?

I’d have a mixture of emotions. A little bit embarrassed, excited, and generally curious about his reaction. I’m ashamed of my writing, but as with any fantasies I would rather express them in private than have the object of my affection find out on his or her own.

blah this is a boring answer, lol sorryyy

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  1. midgardian-hero said: I worry about this all the time! I imagine him being on some silly talk show and the host making him sit there while they read one of our stories out loud. He would get so red and starting nervously ehehe-ing. I cringe every time I think about it.
  2. pippiwaspbender said: does your husband get jealous of your infatuation with hiddles? mine does.
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