taste of hiddles

The breath left Loki’s lungs in a huff as he dropped his head back with a groan. He took in a ragged breath and clenched his fists, arching his back as he writhed. The leather of his jacket creaked with the movement, and he wished he could be rid of it altogether, lying more comfortably bare on black silk sheets and soft down pillows.

Instead, his eyes shut tightly closed as the sensation of a rock jabbing his rib came into sharp focus. He peeked up at his brother, who stood well above him with a smirk on his face, and mud splattered on his boots. He leaned down to wipe a smear of earth from Loki’s forehead. 

"This is going to take forever to wash out," Loki grumbled as he sat up, wringing out the mess of dirt from his matted hair. 

"I told you to watch your step," Thor chuckled, and pulled his brother upright. "You’re filthy."

Loki paused for a moment and surveyed his soiled armour. He grinned at the Thunderer, bright teeth a shining contrast to the mud across his face. “I know.



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