taste of hiddles

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I swear to Jesus I’m going to toss this term into my next fic casually.

You MUST tag me if you ever do it. Omg, I’m actually lol’ing so hard my kid started laughing. He has no idea what’s going on. LOL

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    And now my life has ended. You have reached the life model of hiddles siren. Leave a message.
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    His head fell back with a groan. “Hnnng, shiver me timbers and twiddle me diddles!”
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    Laughing so hard right now. Can you imagine they really used that term during sex? "Darling, come on, let’s fondue. You...
  9. lokisfairmaiden said: LOL! This is way too funny. I feel like a thirteen-year-old. And I wanna be tagged too! ^_^
  10. starspangledhawk said: thats awesome when you get your kid laughing because of your laughter