taste of hiddles

The sight before me struck a chord deep within, vibrations of the powerful strum reverberating through each limb and bouncing back until it centered in my chest. I felt constricted, starved for coherent thought and wit, when my eyes fell upon those legs.

Silk breezed aside with each step she took, revealing another glimpse of perfectly creamy, bronzed skin. She looked even darker in the golden light cast from the fire and reflected on the walls of the throne room.

My mouth rightly watered and went dry all at once, a desire to lick along the curves of those ankles, up gentle slopes, and into the hidden crevices beneath her gown. 

I gripped Grungnir hard at my side, attempting to still the rushing blood in my body. It was no use though, as the delicate robes that covered my Lady fell to the wayside, pooling in shimmering waves on the marble floor. It framed her feet, acting as a pedestal to her statuesque figure. 

She beckoned me forth; I had not the presence of mind to understand, until my feet moved almost without provocation. Her eyes met mine, all crystalline blue and grey, as my hand ghosted along the planes of her waist and hips. What a magnificent creature, she was. Bared to me without shame, and here I stood like a dumb Ox, clumsy and nervous. It was as though we were newlywed, once more.

She smiled then, taking away all of my doubts with curves of her lips. “Does my Lord approve of his wife?” 

"Very much so."

"Then I desire for him to claim me," she answered, taking my hand in hers and drawing it toward the center of her legs. I felt the heat and wetness there, as I crooked my fingers against her, and it stilled the breath in my lungs.

"As you wish." 

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