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Well good golly, judging by the hateful comments down the list on that Loki’s Dirty Whisper, you would think that pregnancy is some sort of filthy sin.  I understand being unnerved by essentially being commanded to have one’s child, but what is with the negativity for being attracted it, or to be pregnant at all? 

We are physically meant to bear children, our entire bodies are crafted with that in mind. We have curves to allow us to push out a child and nurse it, we have menses every month solely because our bodies want to procreate.

Everything about us physically revolves around it, so to put someone down for being attracted to it… it’s just horrible. Am I wrong for nearly begging my husband to give me a child because I was so in love with the idea (and now with my son)? I wanted to be claimed by him in that right. Yes, claimed. I wanted my husband to literally mark me as his by putting a child in my womb.

What is wrong with that? Why is that so taboo? Why is it a big deal to be turned on by the MAN wanting to claim you?

You might as well be insulting someone for the color of their skin, or sexual preference. You can’t help your biology and you can’t control what turns you on. 

All of the feminist bull on Tumblr is incredibly disheartening and makes me wonder where the world is turning. You can still be ‘a strong, independent, woman who don’t need no man’ but don’t berate another woman who is also strong, and independent, and WANTS a man and his babies.

Way to go Tumblr. Way to completely contradict yourself as “accepting of all types of people”…

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    I love it when people with a lot of words inside them use their power for good.
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    It’s funny to me how people get so terribly upset over people who aren’t real, they will never meet, situations that...
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    Can I tell you how much I love you? Because I now love you so much it hurts. *holds you*
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