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Hello, beautiful followers!

Thank you so very very much to all of those old folks whom stick with me, and the new folks that have stumbled upon my blog by chance.

Welcome welcome welcome!

  1. katalyst13 said: You write wonderful smut and on top of that your gorgeous as well? I might have to just give you my ovaries instead.
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  4. cndios said: We love you Shane!! Now go write us a celebratory fic. :)
  5. chickiepie said: You are beyouuutiful. <3
  6. phantomsvixen008 said: Your blog is the most epic of all blogs, dear heart!
  7. hungryhungryhiddles said: congrats! I hope to one day be as big and might as you. only 3,500 more followers to go
  8. laughingtosleep said: Is that you? If it is you’re bloody beautiful!
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