taste of hiddles

Her hips swayed with mine, the rumbling skies outside leaving our living room cast in nothing but grey and black. Our power had gone out long ago and what music there was snapped into silence, now only a soundtrack of bare feet shuffling the carpet, clothes rustling - denim against smooth cotton - and an occasional deep breath or heavy sigh that escaped between our lips. One such delicate groan vibrated under my fingertips as I traced the contour of her throat, that long neck craned back to rest her head against my shoulder, our bodies forming a single shape in the darkened room while we continued our dance. The only space between had been closed when my other arm wrapped around the dip at her waist and pulled her snug.

These lungs burned for oxygen, pleading with my body to give up on lust and provide a breath, but her teeth had me captive through gentle nibbles and sharp bites to keep my attention. I couldn’t think, could hardly stand under the weight of desire bearing down on us. Nothing registered but the awareness of how her ass ground in small circles against the straining zipper of my jeans and the hot tongue gliding over my own. The rain could pour, the winds would whip and howl, my soul could whither away so long as it all left our bodies and the pleasure she brings with something as easy as a kiss in a quiet room.

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